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Pathological lying is considered a mental illness.

So, by writing these posts and ‘sharing your experiences’, you’re shaming someone for being unwell. You wouldn’t shame someone for being depressed, would you?

Yes, she lied to me too- her girlfriend- and about me to others? But she came clean. She is trying to make things right, any you are potentially making her mental state considerably worse by flinging your posts around.

I believe Meagn. I’m also going to be there for Leah while she tries to deal with her issues.

The two are not mutually exclusive.

Meagn’s post was important. It showed the extent of the lies someone can tell when they have a mental illness that is complex, and cannot be treated easily. 

That doesn’t mean that jumping on the bandwagon and making posts about how she wish you were who she said she was, that she was dying and alone. That is an horrific thing to say to someone who honestly is trying to come clean about who she is.

She lied. About a hell of a lot of stuff. Because things got out of hand and she couldn’t just take the first, little lies back.

I do believe Meagn. I’ve talked to Leah long and hard and I believe what she’s told me now to be true. So even if you have no intentions of helping her through this- can you stop making posts about oh my god SHE LIED TO ME TO I HATE HER. That’s not helping anyone.

If she lied to you- talk to Meagn. Talk to me, even, I’m willing to talk to anyone about this. Just on a private, personal level, that isn’t going to drive the mentally ill girl I still love to get sicker.

posted 17 Jan 2013 @ 07:33
  1. harveyspockter said: Which is exactly why I’m not airing her dirty laundry in public, because I loved Ellie. I hope Leah gets help, but it doesn’t change the fact that a close friend betrayed my confidence and ripped my heart out. I miss Ellie, but I’ll get over it.
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